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Huntsman V3 Pro Analog Optical Esports Keyboard - Black

Huntsman V3 Pro Analog Optical Esports Keyboard - Black

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Overview: Experience Response Without Rival On A Scale Youve Never Known With The Huntsman V3 Pro Mini—A 60% Keyboard Featuring Our Latest Analog Optical Switches. Armed With Adjustable Actuation And Rapid Trigger Mode For Ultra-Fast Repeated Inputs, Get The Speed You Need To Rise To The Top. Key Features: Analog Optical Switch Gen-2 Max Out On Precision And Response With Our Most Advanced Switches, Featuring Rapid Trigger For Ultra-Fast Repeated Inputs, A 0.1–4.0 Mm Adjustable Actuation Range, And A 100-Million Keystroke Lifespan. Quick Onboard Adjustments Make Precise, On-The-Fly Adjustments To Actuation Height Or Rapid Trigger Sensitivity With The Visual Aid Of The Keyboards Number Row. Save The Settings To The Keyboard With No Software Required. Dual-Purpose Modifier Keys When Tapped, The Bottom-Right Modifier Keys On The Huntsman V3 Pro Mini Double Up As Arrow Keys, Providing Convenient Navigation That You Can Usually Only Get From Larger Keyboard Form Factors. Textured Doubleshot Pbt Keycaps More Durable Than Regular Keycaps, Their Shine-Resistant Design And Fadeproof Legends Are Ideal For Intense Competitive Play—Complete With Side-Printed Secondary Functions For Easy Visual Reference. Brushed Aluminum Top Plate Crafted From Aircraft-Grade Aluminum And Refined With A Smooth Brushed Metal Finish, The Keyboards Robust Casing Is Built To Withstand Frequent, Intense Use And Is Resistant To Warping. Compact 60% Form Factor Designed For Easy Positioning And Maximum Space To Maneuver Your Mouse, The Keyboards Compact Design Is Also Incredibly Portable, Making It The Perfect Pick To Bring Along For Offline Tournaments.

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