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Q2 Qmk Custom Mechanical Keyboard Fully Assembled / Carbon Black - B / Gateron G Pro Blue

Q2 Qmk Custom Mechanical Keyboard Fully Assembled / Carbon Black - B / Gateron G Pro Blue

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The Q2 Is A Fully Customizable Mechanical Keyboard With A Compact 65% Layout. With A Solid Full Aluminum Frame, The Q2 Is Designed To Be Able To Assemble Easily For Personalized Premium Typing Comfort. With Full Qmk And Via Support, You Can Program And Remap Each Key On The Keyboard With Ease.Simply Connect The Q2 To Your Device With A Cable, Import The Q2 Keymap Json File Into The Via Software, Drag And Drop Your Favorite Keys Or Macro Commands To Remap Any Key You Want On Macos, Windows, Or Linux Operating System. Check Our User Guide Or User Manual For More Instructions. You Can Hot-Swap The Q2 With Almost All Of The 3pin And 5pin Mx Style Mechanical Switches On The Market (Including Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Panda, Etc.) Without Soldering Required. While The Gateron G Pro Mechanical Clicky Blue Switch Providing Unrivaled Tactile Responsiveness With Up To 50 Million Keystroke Lifespan. The Pcb-Mounted Screw-In Stabilizer For Big Keys Such As Space Bar, Shift, Enter, And Delete Are Designed For Less Wobbliness. Double-Gasket Design Allows The Q2 To Maintain Its Flexibility And Improves Overall Typing Sound. Added Sound-Absorbing And Case Foams Inside To Significantly Reduce The Sound Resonance And Noise Between The Metals. Each Keyboard Component Could Be Reassembled Easily, So You Can Customize It The Way You Want. The South-Facing Rgb Is Designed To Better Illuminate The Keyboard Backlight From The Typists Angle With The Premium Non-Shine-Through Pbt Keycaps Installed. The Pbt Keycaps Will Provide Excellent Oil Resistance, Enhance The Type Feel, And Prevent The Legends From Fading Out.

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